© Marc Ginot

Drop Dead

By: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Estreia: Humain Trop Humain (Montpellier, France / 2016)
Duração: 105"

My presence has replaced my message
My sweat has replaced my head

This project comes from an invitation / challenge from Rodrigo Garcia – to create a piece for two of the company actors, residents at Humain Trop Humain, Nuria Lloansi and Juan Navarro.

Our work tries, in general, to reflect and act upon what surrounds us, what worries us. On the other hand, the reality around us in every one of our projects acts as an engine in order to push forward the work conceptually. In this project we are interested in the reality of Nuria and Juan, their private life, the fact that they are Spanish immigrants in Montpellier, France, in contrast with the immigration that surrounds us, all over Europe. This reflection is a starting point for us to speak about the current exodus of continuous migration towards Europe, exile and immigration in general.

Therefore, and departing from the personal life of these actors, Spanish author / playwright, currently living in Lisbon Pablo Fidalgo Lareo will appropriate their experiences and visions, confronting them with his own, thus developing the writing of an original text for the piece.
We’re interested in blurring the limits between public and private – to place the actors in a situation in which they leave physical control of their bodies to other people.
The creation of a spa in wartimes.

© Bill Domonkos / Marc Ginot

Concept, Artistic Direction and Space: Ana Borralho & João Galante
With: Nuria Lloansi, Juan Navarro (actors hTh), Antonia Buresi, Efia
Special Participation: Sylvain Broucke and Jean Schabel (Montpellier)
Original Text: Pablo Fidalgo Lareo
Translation: Clarice Plasteig Dit Cassou
Video Gifs: Bill Domonkos
Light Design: Martine André
Costumes: Marie Delphin
Original Soundtrack: Coolgate a.k.a. João Galante
Media Artistic Assistance: Serge Monségu, Daniel Romero
Assistant Direction: Antonia Buresi
General Regie: Martine André, Frédéric Razoux
Sound Regie: Serge Monségu
Stage Regie: Claude Champel
Thanks: Fernando J. Ribeiro, Amália Area

Commissioned by Humain trop humain – CDN Montpellier
Production: Humain trop humain – CDN Montpellier
Logistical Support and Tour: casaBranca
Production casaBranca: Mónica Samões
Production casaBranca: Andrea Sozzi