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Guest Artists: Ana Borralho & João Galante
13 > 17 FEB 2023 - Escola Secundária Gil Eanes, Lagos
Workshop - 13 a 16 FEB
Performance - 17 FEB, 10h - 12h (2h durational performance)

WORLD OF INTERIORS is a performance / installation that explores the boundary between spectator and work, through an invitation to listen to the whispers of a group of young people.

Lying on the floor, with their eyes closed and no obvious movement, externally nothing seems to happen.
The public is thus required to approach, to advance in the intimacy of bodies, so that this inner world can be shared. In this intimacy we are intercepted by literary texts, the words of several contemporary authors are whispered within a tenuous intimate boundary. The spectator is invited to enter, circulate, and leave as they please.

Over five days Ana Borralho & João Galante will work with a grade 10 class, in a workshop for the preparation of this work – that will focus on the joint reading of excerpts of texts by authors who cultivate an autobiographical writing or who start from personal experiences as the engine of their writing. From a daily practice, warm-up and concentration exercises will be carried out in order to think about the audience-performer relationship and the predisposition to the proximity of the bodies.

The work culminates in an informal presentation to the educational community and also to parents, which will take place in the gymnasium of the Gil Eanes Secondary School.

Ana Borralho & João Galante are a couple in life, an entity with two bodies, an essential biographical element for the understanding of their work, which has marked continuous presence in several festivals and theatres nationally and internationally.
In the 90’s they worked together as actors/co-creators with the theatre group OLHO.
Since 2002 they have worked together in the fields of performance-art, dance, installation, photography, sound and video.
Their works include ATLAS (2011), SÓ HÁ UMA VIDA E NELA QUERO TER TEMPO PARA CONSTRUIR-ME E DESTRUIR-ME (2015), GATILHO DA FELICIDADE (2017), among many others.
Together with Mónica Samões, they founded the Cultural Association casaBranca.
They are artistic directors of the Festival Verão Azul – a transdisciplinary festival dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary creation in the Algarve.