© José Pelicano


By: Mónica Samões e José Pelicano
Premiere: CCL - Centro Cultural de Lagos (Lagos, Portugal / 2014)
Duration: 40"

VAIVEM is a performance-game, a board to explore sound maps and shapes, an experimental space where a group of children is involved and engaged in a playful process of (de)construction and (dis)organization of language and language elements.
Drawing from concepts and ideas of randomness, repetition, and semantics (de)composition, it proposes a simple mechanism that overlaps a sound score and an action score, in a permanent movement of reorganization of sound and of meaning.

© Jorge Pereira

Focused on the research around the multiple methods of organizing and composing language, this is a project of artistic experimentation and creation for children ages 11 to 13 years old, carried out in the EB.2.3. Naus school in Lagos, during the 2013 / 14 school year.
The first stage of the project – Radio.Lab VAIVEM – included an experimental workshop held at the school during the period of two weeks, and ended with the release of a sound object / radio art piece built with the children and presented informally to the parents and school community as a sound installation.

The process and research methods of this laboratory space led the way for the project’s second iteration, where the aim was to give body to all the language, sonic and environmental matter earlier explored, materializing it in the shape of a game / performance with the children themselves.