© Andrea Sozzi
© Andrea Sozzi

Welcome to our intimacy

In the context of the launch of the book Close-Up, Ana Borralho & João Galante presented the conference-performance Welcome to our intimacy, at the Alkantara Festival 2022.

Dear audience, we hope you are all well. Happy and healthy. We are Ana and João, we have two children (Ásia and Noah) and 20 years of artistic work that we have made together.
Throughout this time we have also grown a family tree of professional and personal relationships, some of which have put down quite strong roots. Roots that already form parts of us, and we hope that we form part of them too. Fernando, Mónica, Pelicano, Miguel and neighbour Bragada. Rua, Filipa, and Carlos António. Andrea, Helena and Verónica, Alface and Uerba, Tiago and Catarina, Catalão and Buresi, and da Silva and Ana F. Atsushi. Augusto, Joana and Daniel. Yingmei, Matthieu, Francisca and Marie, Godinho, Bola, Ágata, Carol, Dani, the Patrícias and Nuno. Paulina and Borboleta, Bruno, Leonor, Pietro, Melim, Anta and H. Eckert. And Vasco. Joclécio. Garucho, Rita and Lídia. Abdala, Alexandre, Mariana, André, Eva, Luara, Ricardo, Bárbara and Meirinho. Mark, David. Rodrigues, and Rodrigo, Nadezhda, Ema and Cláudio. Tamara, Pedro with the tattoo on his backside. Bizarro and Emmanuelle, José Miguel, Magda, Alexia de Bordéus and Mateo from Madrid. Núria and Juan, Gisela and André, Grosso and the Inêses. Maddy and the Thomases, the Marias and the Joões, and Vera and Louise… and many, many more, All in all is all we are (Kurt Cobain).
Welcome to our intimacy, is a conference-performance about our lives as artists or the art of our lives, we will be very happy to see you on Sunday, at Espaço Alkantara.

Concept, artistic direction, photographic edition & performance Ana Borralho & João Galante
Photos Ana Borralho & João Galante, Tiago Gandra, Bruno Simão, Leonor Fonseca, Filipe Ferreira, André Uerba, Vasco Célio, Estelle Valente, Arthur Pequin, Sofia Tri e Vítor D. Rosário
Soundtrack The Caretaker (Everywhere at the End of Time)
Executive direction and administration Mónica Samões
Production direction and communication Andrea Sozzi
Executive production Joana Duarte
Production casaBranca Associação Cultural


NOV 20th 2022
Close-Up Book Launch and Conference-performance Welcome to Our Intimacy
Espaço Alkantara, Alkantara Festival 2022
Book launch with: Ana Borralho & João Galante, Cláudia Galhós, Carla Oliveira and Liliana Coutinho.

Date to be announced
Close-Up Book Launch
Teatro Municipal de Faro (Teatro das Figuras)
With: Ana Borralho & João Galante