© Maria Ramos

BODY and MOVEMENT Workshop

Guest Artist: Maria Ramos
16 > 2 NOV 2015 - E.B. 2.3 Tecnopólis, Lagos

Through choreographic composition games and motion exercises, we’ll dance and create choreographies, in pairs and in groups. I’ll start!

We’ll make our everyday choreography, the one we do without noticing it, and the choreography that birds do when they fly in flocks. Have you ever seen the dances that flocks do in the sky? How they can fly close together and then suddenly change direction, without bumping against each other? Always wondered about that…

But before we start to analyze these two choreographic cases, we have to warm up the joints of our body. Do you know what a joint is? And do the joints of our body all move the same way? I doubt it, but we’ll have to try!

MARIA RAMOS is a dance artist based in Lisbon since 2009. She is engaged with the ongoing choreographic project “A Certain Degree of Immobility” a cycle of works featuring the three pieces ‘7pm / Rumour’, ‘Nerves Like Nylon’ and ‘Something Still Uncaptured’.
During the creative process of ‘7pm / Rumour’ Maria consulted sculptor Antony Gormley with whom she had the opportunity to exchange correspondence concerning notions of Body and Space in the context of Sculpture and Dance.
It is her interest in the complex relationship between Dance and Sculpture that triggered this cycle of work. This project was financed by Gulbenkian Foundation and the Portuguese Directorate-General for the Arts.
Maria graduated from the Institute of the Arts of Arnhem (HKA-EDDC, Dance Department) and did her Masters degree in Choreography at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, in Holland.