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Artista convidada: Nathalie Mansoux / Royal_Cine
Centro Cultural de Lagos

Parallel to the laboratories of artistic experimentation implemented in the schools, Gymnasium includes a set of parallel activities or projects – directed either to the school public, the educational community, or also to the community in general – aiming to add, contextualize or materialize the practical laboratory experience – and, simultaneously, the aesthetic experience.

The School Film Club is one of these projects, and it arises from the desire to bring cinema closer to the lives of children and youths from the Lagos educational community.
Started in the school year 2020-21 with two classes of the 7th grade of Tecnopólis School, in 2022 the Film Club restarts its activity – now also extended to one class of 7th grade of Naus School.

The programme includes the screening of 5 films that marked the history of cinema – with talks on the historical, social and artistic contextualisation of the movies and also a final and shared discussion, where students are invited to talk about the experience of the film, developing processes of meaning, cinematographic appropriation and enrichment of the imaginary, dealing, at the same time, with the cinematographic material of each work.

The School Film Club is coordinated and mediated by the film director Nathalie Mansoux, who, in the context of her Royal_Cine project, has developed a very relevant and stimulating trajectory in the area of cinema awareness, working cinema as an artistic language, a tool for consciousness-raising, creative inclusion and a resource for socio-cultural reflection of different realities, creating practices and experiences that complement the curricula and the cultural offer within the educational communities.

Session 1 / 25 + 26 Jan 2022
MODERN TIMES (1936) by Charles Chaplin

Session 2 / 22 + 23 Feb2022
THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955) by Charles Laughton
BICYCLE THIEVES (1948) by Vittorio De Sica

Session 3 / 29 + 30 Mar 2022
THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955) by Charles Laughton
E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (1982) by Steven Spielberg

Session 4 / 10 + 11 Maio 2022
SHELTER (2010) de Dragomir Sholev
A STONE IN THE POCKET (1987) by Joaquim Pinto

Session 5 / 31 Maio + 1 Junho 2022
WADJDA (2013) by Haifaa Al Mansour
THE GIRL OF 672K (2016) by Mirjam Marks
BATRACHIAN’S BALLAD (2016) by Leonor Teles