© Joana Duarte
© Joana Duarte

THEATER Workshop

22 > 26 JAN 2018 - E.B. 2.3. Naus
30 JAN > 8 FEB 2018 - E.B. 1 Chinicato

In this laboratory we are going to think and improvise. Think: what if each of us could choose how school is? How would classes be like? Would there be any classes? Then what would we do? How would teachers be like? Recess? Food? What would we learn? And how? And where, in what space? We are going to improvise, experiment what it would be like… we are going to make a proposal: we want a school like this!

The process is developed through games and exercises of body, voice, movement and thought, as a way to set up a new language about school’s physical, intellectual and emotional space, as well as its functioning, its advantages and its purposes.

RITA RODRIGUES (Lisbon, 1977)
Actor/Performer. Had her first contact with the theatre in an informal group with António Feio and since then never managed to give it up. Graduated, in her own words “by mistake” in Publicity, and then enrolled in the ERASMUS Program in Barcelona where she graduated in Gesture Theatre by Estudis de Teatre School and has a post-graduation in Theatre Studies by the School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon.
Working as an actor and perfomer since 1998, Rita has collaborated with various directors such as Luís Castro, João Ricardo, Claudio Hochman, Carlos António, Jorge Fraga, Sofia Cabrita, Ana Sofia Paiva, Sílvia Real, Martin Joab, Giacomo Scalisi, amoung others.
Rita has participated in different workshops regarding theatre, voice and movement, concluding in 2015 the Dance In The Community course, by Forum Dança, Lisbon. Rita Rodrigues has also worked as a drama teacher for children and for the Senior Theatre Group of Portimão (O Grupo).