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DANCE WORKSHOP – Choreographic Construction Lab


7 > 11 MAR 2022
E.B. 1 Santa Maria, Lagos

20 > 24 JUN 2022
E. B. 1 Santa Maria, Lagos
E. B. 1 Chinicato, Lagos

This lab is a place of experimentation.
It is a space where major transformations and detailed operations take place.

What can a choreography be?

By collecting and recording successive steps (shrinking, twisting, jumping, leaning, running, etc.) we analyse this concept.

Methodically, we store and arrange all our findings, gathering infinite possibilities of composition and discovering the parts that will lead us to the whole.

This is a laboratory where we build choreographies.

Beatriz Marques Dias (Caldas da Rainha, 1997) – has Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa (Lisbon’s Higher School of Dance). Attended workshops and laboratories with choreographers such as Miguel Pereira, Francisco Camacho, Vânia Rovisco and Sofia Dias.
Co-created with Rita Pedro (philosopher and specialist in philosophy with children) the workshop-performance A Pensar Morreu um Burro, a Comédias do Minho production.
Also co-created, along with Madalena Vitorino (choreographer, artistic director and programmer of Cooperativa Cultural Lavrar o Mar) and Ana Raquel (musician, saxophonist) A Grande Viagem Do Pequeno Mi – a workshop-performance (based on the homonymous book by Sandro William Junqueira) for elementary school children, that takes place directly in the classrooms.