© Ana Borralho

Round Club

By: Mónica Samões, José Pelicano, Julia Bardsley and Andrew Poppy
Premiere: ZDB Gallery / Negócio (Lisbon, Portugal / 2012)
Duration: 45"

We are all of us
In magic and mystery, in fear and wander
Rituals games that happen in the world of Club Redondo
A danced, sung and whispered story
A journey with a special chair.
To discover a secret place in the blue mountain.

© Ana Borralho

At the door of CLUB REDONDO:
Knock Knock
comes the sound, comes the sign, comes the message
– Who is there?
says Mr Coelho, at the door of CLUB REDONDO
– Us!
comes the voice of the children
– Who is Us?
Says Mr Coelho
– We are all of us!
Says the voice of the children
– Come in
Says Mr Coelho
– Mr Coelho invites you:
to see and
to hear and
to be what happens at CLUB REDONDO.

CLUB REDONDO is made for, with and by children. It is an experimental playground where the chaos and structure of creativity is researched.

Entering an immersive theatrically charged space, the children engage in the world of the Game, exploring journeys and mind maps, dream stories and musical shapes.

This project was developed with the Educational Service of ZDB Gallery, working with four classes from three different schools each day for three weeks. The children ranged from 6 to 10 years old. Schools: EB1 Padre Abel Varzim nº12, EB1 – Castelo e EB1 199 – Graça (Lisbon)

Created and led by: Mónica Samões, José Pelicano, Julia Bardsley and Andrew Poppy
Music: Andrew Poppy

Illustration / Graphic Image: José Pelicano
Text: Andrew Poppy
Production: casaBranca
Co-Production: BARDSLEY_POPPY projects, ZDB – Galeria Zé dos Bois / Negócio
Artistic Residence: Atelier Real

Support: Teatro Maria Matos, Grande Cena, Teatro Útero
Thanks to: Ana Borralho, João Galante, Alexandre Coelho, Marta Furtado, João Samões