sexy MF

By: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Premiere: Galeria Graça Brandão, Lisboa / 2006
Duration: 120/180"

sexy MF is a performance for 13 performers.
Developed from workshops with the local community in the cities we are attending, this project aims to work and interact with the locals by having them participate in both the workshop and the performance.

sexy MF is based on erotic imaginary, questioning asymmetries that regulate social identities and the definitions of male/female, which causes strong emotions in the viewer by confronting him/her with characters whose bodies are completely exposed and that shows a very obvious gender/sexual ambiguity.

The 13 performers (chosen from the persons who attend the workshop) are totally naked, their heads transformed through make-up so that each of them has a different gender from the body he or she belongs to. Sitting face to face with the 13 performers, the audience establishes a very intimate and direct relationship with them, with no words for an undetermined period.

While this is happening, the audience is listening, repeatedly, to a love song on headphones (each headphone has a different song). The ambient sound is made up of birdsongs, listened through a guitar amp. There are also two violin players playing live classical music. It is the viewer who defines the time of the performance, the kind of relationship (by choosing a certain performer) and the moment he/she leaves. All other viewers are put waiting for a seat.
As in a voyeuristic game, they are free to watch the performance and the relationships established by others from the outside, choosing to later participate in the performance or not.

Concept, Light, Space, Sound and Artistic direction: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Performers: 13 local people chosen trough workshop / audition
Make-up: Jorge Bragada + 2 local Make-up Artists
Live Music: 2 local classical musicians
Production: casaBranca
Support: Galeria Graça Brandão