© Miguel Cheta

PROBE – Visual Arts Workshop

Guest Artist: MIGUEL CHETA
17 > 21 MAY
E.B. 1 de Santa Maria + E.B. 1 Bairro Operário, Lagos

The body is our probe, the possible device to know the world.

During the last year, the world has been explored by us through windows and screens where translated and mediated images reach us. The sound is sent back to us with cuts and distortions, transmitted through the speakers and microphones of our electronic devices.

What kind of knowledge do we develop about the world we live in when the body is deprived of experiencing it freely?
What state is our probe in when its senses are not freely exercised?
In this workshop, drawing, photography, image / movement will be the tools to exercise the senses and to refine the probe in this very moment that precedes its re-launch into space.

Miguel Cheta is a visual artist. Born in Loulé (PT) in 1970, he believes that art plays a fundamental role in education and social integration. Graduated in Visual Arts from the University of Algarve, he attended the MobileHome – nomadic and experimental school of contemporary art. He has participated in educational projects that cross Patrimony, Heritage and Education with the artistic processes. He exhibits his work regularly, a work that mirrors his close relation, as a social and political being, with the territory that he loves and inhabits, this peripheral, paradigmatic place known as the Algarve.