© Davide Costa


Guest Artist: Maria Ramos
17 > 20 February
E.B. 1 Bairro Operário, Lagos

We will look for our body’s place in space. Where is North? South? East? West? What cardinal point are we going to choose to begin with?
Let’s dance at the same time. Let’s jump without time. Let’s stop. Suspend time. Let’s speed up and slow down.
I will look at the window to the South. I’ll look at the wall, to the North. I’ll start when it ends. I will finish when it starts.
Let’s do a choreography with people and a choreography without people. What? A choreography without people? Yes, let’s try it. We are going to take several pieces of paper and place them in space, as if they were rocks or logs or bushes. Sometimes, I even think there are landscapes that look like choreographies! …
At the end of each session, we will map our findings. In this way, when we get back the next day, we can study the map and decide how to proceed.

Through the exploration of movement and games developed two by two and in groups, which explore the relationship of the body with the other, with space, with time, rhythm and dynamics, we will create small and large choreographies, in which we all are ‘builder’ dancers.

Maria Ramos is a dance artist based in Lisbon since 2009. She grew up in the western Algarve and it was in Lagos that she began studying dance and theatre.
In Lisbon Maria highlights her studies in Dance and Composition with Amélia Bentes, Sofia Neuparth, Peter Michael Dietz, Clara Andermatt, Francisco Camacho and Jordi Cortés. She has also graduated from the Institute of the Arts of Arnhem (HKA-EDDC, Dance Department) and did her Masters degree in Choreography at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, in Holland.
In the context of her choreographic work, Maria was invited to teach at Conservatório das Artes da Madeira; ArtEZ Institute of the Arts; Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Art; The North Wall Arts Centre, Oxford; Espacio LEM (Buenos Aires) and developed several Dance Workshops in several National Theatres aimed at children, youth and adults. Also, she developed several dance and dance creation workshops for young people and children. She teaches at Escola Superior de Dança, ESAD.CR and Forum Dança – where she currently teaches the Choreographic Laboratory class.