© Parasita
© Parasita


By João dos Santos Martins with Adriano Vicente 
Performance + Workshop
9 MAY 2024 / E.B. 1 Bensafrim, Lagos
Bensafrim Primary School, Lagos

In the XVII century, someone decided to start writing dances on paper to be able to pass them on to other people. From body to paper, from paper to body. Choreography in the classroom is a work that establishes a relationship between three language systems: the written, the oral and the sign. The performance turns into a game of recognition and estrangement through sound, drawing and gesture. If the word “choreography” implies the writing of dance, here, writing, speaking and signing literally become dancing through the poetics of language. As if “dancing” a language and “speaking” a dance.

Choreography: João dos Santos Martins
Performance: Adriano Vicente

Performance aimed at two classes (3rd + 4th grade) of Bensafrim Primary School, followed by a workshop where the children will explore the relationship between body movement and language through oral speech and gestures in Portuguese Sign Language.

João dos Santos Martins (Santarém, 1989) is an artist based in Lisbon and Paris whose work encompasses a wide range of forms, including choreography, exhibition and publication.
He studied dance and choreography in various institutions across Europe between 2007 and 2011, including P.A.R.T.S. and e.x.er.c.e.
His practice has been developed through diverse collaborations with artists such as Min Kyoung Lee, Cyriaque Villemaux, Rita Natálio, Pedro Neves Marques, Ana Jotta and Teatro Praga. He also performs in the works of Ana Rita Teodoro, Eszter Salamon, Moriah Evans and Xavier Le Roy.
He recently curated a cycle of performances, exhibitions, talks and workshops reflecting on the history of dance in Portugal and founded the semi-annual journal Coreia dedicated to the discourse of the arts and artists. His piece Continued Project (2015) was recipient of the Portuguese Society of Authors’ Prize for Choreography in 2016.
In 2014 he created Parasita, a collective of artists of which he is a member.

Adriano Vicente is a dancer and performer. He began his dance training in 2007 at the Quorum Academy. In 2013 he joined the PEPCC at Fórum Dança (Lisbon), which he left to join P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, where he studied for three years. In 2016 he was a performer in Marten Spanberg’s piece Dawn , created for the Impulstanz festival in Vienna. Since then he has collaborated on various projects, including Louisianna and The Olympics by Nikima Jagudajev, 2018 by André e. Teodósio and Xtraordinário by the Praga Theatre Company. In addition to these works, he also collaborates with DJ Audiopath in a project that tries to combine electronic music, dance and the body.