Where’s There?

By: Mónica Samões and José Pelicano
Premiere: Clube Artístico Lacobrigense (Lagos, Portugal / 2014)
Duration: 35"

Where’s There? follows on the staged readings A Chair Up the Mountain, a project developed with children and based on the book The world is Round by Gertrude Stein.

Keeping the premises of the original work, both the scenic object and the text, it assumes now to be it’s reverse or it’s opposite side, and proposes a change of roles, creating a small vocal piece that will be carried out not by children but by senior adults, who will sit in the dark and read a story for children.

Starting from a simple idea – to offer a reading experience and to experiment the world of language and the relationships established within it, the work appropriates itself of the ancestral act of telling a story and puts in dialogue two distinct but intrinsically related generations, reinforcing the symbolic role of the parents as memory space.

The work includes a two-week workshop developed with a group of adults over 60 years, ending with a final presentation open to the community.

A project by: Mónica Samões and José Pelicano
Space and Sound: José Pelicano
Developed with: 10 / 15 people from the local community
Production: casaBranca
Partners: TEL – Teatro Experimental de Lagos
Support: Sociedade Artística Lacobrigense, Câmara Municipal de Lagos, LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas / LAR Galeria
Funded by: Governo de Portugal / Secretário de Estado da Cultura – DGArtes