© Maria João Alcobia


Guest Artist: MÁRCIA LANÇA
26 > 30 NOV 2018
Escola Básica 1º Ciclo de Bensafrim, Lagos

If the body continued beyond its limits, what shape would it have? What color would it have? If the body could blend with its surroundings and the surroundings with the body, how could we be found? Where would we be? Invisible, masked, continued, indistinguishable , mixed, vanished with the tail out of the bag. Like the Arctic fox that changes its fur when seasons change, brown in the summer and white as snow in the winter. Like the artist Charles Freger who, in Wilder Mann, becomes leafage, ground, sky.
During this week we will find ways to camouflage and to confuse ourselves with the landscape.

MÁRCIA LANÇA has a Degree in Anthropology by the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of Lisbon – FCSH-UNL.
In her work as an artist, she stands out the following performances: Nome (2017) with Carolina Campos, Por esse Mundo Fora (2016) with Nuno Lucas, Evidências Suficientes para a Não Coerência do Mundo (2014), Happiness and Misery (2014), 9 Possible Portraits (2014) with Ana Rita Teodoro, O Desejo Ignorante (2011) with Aniol Busquets and Tiago Hespanha, Trompe le Monde (2011) with Nuno Lucas, Morning Sun (2009) with João Calixto.
In 2006, she received the first prize of the contest Jovens Artistas Jovens with her solo Dos joelhos para baixo.
She has collaborated with João Fiadeiro, Cláudia Dias, Olga Mesa, Marta Dell’Angelo, Jørgen Knudsen, Alex Cassal, Thomas Forneau.
In 2012 she participates in the european projects TryAngle Marseille – Performing Arts Research Laboratories, in association with O Espaço do Tempo, and Global City – Local City, organised by the network Theatre / Festivals in Transition (FIT) in association with Alkantara.