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Guest Artist: JOÃO DE BRITO
14 > 18 JAN 2019
E.B. 2.3 Tecnopólis, Lagos

We start from the concept of Inflatable. What is the meaning of this word? What does it mean as an image and how can we modify it, reuse it or even misrepresent it? They say it’s something, they say it’s something else, they say it’s to fill, they say it’s to jump, they say it’s to leak, they say they should not say what they say, but who says this things? I say that it’s possible to create a story with these “They say”.

Air in body or body in the air? How do you fill a body? How do you drain a body? I want to stretch my body but I don’t know at what time it will happen, I want to shrink my body but the month never comes. How do you grow? Balloon-shaped body, swirling head, air carried in our hand, today, tomorrow, when?

Inflatable is a metaphor about growth. When do we begin to inflate? When do we start wanting to deflate?

JOÃO DE BRITO has a degree in Theater and a Master in Cultural Practices. He complemented his training with Vera Mantero, Joaquim Horta, Victor Hugo Pontes, João Mota, Miguel Borges, Cláudia Gaiolas, Miguel Seabra, Nuno Pino Custódio, Luca Aprea, among others.
Creator of the performances Carripana, NEW_Interim Title, Still, The Story that didn’t Want to Be a Book, Habitamus, T.3, JBWB -900, És-Passos e Brilharetes. In theater he worked with Francisco Campos, Rui Catalão, João Galante & Ana Borralho, Tiago Gandra, Madalena Victorino, among others.
He is co-founder and Artistic Director of LAMA – Laboratory of Arts and Media of the Algarve, a structure dedicated to the creation of performances with a strong physical and visual component. He collaborates with the Culturgest’s Educational Department since 2010.