© José Pelicano

Radio.Lab VAIVEM

By: Mónica Samões and José Pelicano
EB 2.3 das Naus School (Lagos, Portugal, 2012)

Rádio.Lab VAIVEM is a laboratory/workshop that was held at EB.2.3 das Naus school with a 6th grade class – 6º B.

Centred on research into the multiple methods of organising and composing language as a body that generates meaning, Rádio.Lab proposes a synthesis between radio, sound and words, involving and implicating children for a fortnight in a playful process of manipulating and (de)organising language, animated by ideas of randomness, repetition and semantic decomposition.

© casaBranca

The Lab ended with the publication of an object / sound recording of a radio art piece, informally presented to parents and the school community in the form of a Sound Installation (available for listening in the school library until 8 November).
The process and research methods of this laboratory space point the way to the second iteration of this project, entitled VAIVEM, to be realised with the same group of children in June 2014. It will seek to embody and materialise in a game/performance format all the linguistic, sonic and environmental material explored in Rádio.Lab.

A project by: Mónica Samões e José Pelicano
Held with the 6ºB of Escola EB 2.3 das Naus: Amélia Gonçalves, André Figueiredo, Andreia Martins, Carina Mestrinho, Débora Batista, Domingos Fernandes, Gabriel Dias, Gonçalo Gomes, Inês Lourenço, Mariana Reis, Miguel Silva, Núria Germano, Raquel Pereira, Rodrigo Rodrigues, Ruben Pacheco, Sara Marques, Sara Rodrigues e Sofia Lima and the teacher Alexandra Leitão

Production: casaBranca
Partnership: Escola EB 2.3 das Naus
Support: LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas / LAR Galeria
Thanks: Paulo Soares, Rute Domingos, Nuno Pereira, Ana Borralho & João Galante, Maria João Alcobia, Jorge Pereira

A very special thank you to all the children who took part in the project and to all the school’s teachers and staff.