© Patrícia Leal

no body never mind, 001

By: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Premiere: 2004
Duration: 60"

no body never mind, 001 is part of the project NBNM, which consists of three pieces addressing the themes body / mind, outside / inside, emotion / feeling, me / others.

no body never mind, 001 is a performance for two performers and two tattoo artists. This performance consists of tattooing the bodies of the two performers with the title of the performance No Body Never Mind. Half of the heading is inscribed in each body: No Body in the body of the female performer by a male tattooer and Never Mind in the body of the male performer by a female tattooer, while one can hear the recorded sound of their heartbeats.

This performance intends to create a space and a time for a careful thinking about the body of the performer and the political space that it occupies in society.

Concept and performance: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Live tattoo artists: Pinela, Satu
Production: casaBranca, JGM, alkantara
Thanks: Bang Bang Tattoo, Helena Inverno, Fernando Ribeiro