© Rui Cambraia


Guest Artists: Jorge Pereira and Rui Cambraia
30th Nov to 3rd Dec 2015 – Júlio Dantas Highschool, Lagos

Pinhole photography is a photographic technique without the use of lenses, where the light enters a dark room directly through a small hole, creating an image therein.
This workshop aims to present the basics of this photographic process using extremely simple and creative experiences.

RUI CAMBRAIA (Lisbon, 1967)
Freelancer in photography, art education and cultural production. Assistant Professor in the Superior School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre, Portugal, between 1999 and 2015.
Degree in Painting at the Superior School of Fine Arts of Lisbon (1992); Master degree in Aesthetics and Art Philosophy at the University of Lisbon (2001).
Post graduation in Aesthetics and Art Philosophy at the University of Lisbon (2014); Title of Specialist (recognized experience and professional competence) in Arts, by the Scientific and Technical Council of the Superior School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre (2014).

Non-academic studies:
Lithography and serigraphy classes attended at the Engraving Artists Association of Amadora, Portugal (1989).
Studies in mixed media and painting at The Art Students League of New York (1995/1996); Introduction to Language and Video Technique course, at the Cinema and Audiovisual Portuguese Federation (1997); Director of Photography with Available Light” workshop, at the Film, Television, Video and Multimedia – AVANCA ’09 international meetings, Portugal (2009); Digital Photography” workshop, modules I and II, Espaço_Corpo, Castelo de Vide, Portugal (2009); Woodcut workshop, LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, Lagos, Portugal, (2015).

As an educator held 19 artistic-educational and socio-cultural events, in the area of the plastic-arts and pinhole photography, between 2005 and 2015.
Held the communication “Landscape and Photography”, under the collaboration with the research project Philosophy and Architecture of the Landscape, Philosophy Centre of the University of Lisbon, January, 2011.
As an artist held 44 exhibitions of Fine Arts and Photography, 37 of which are group projects and colective exhibitions, and 7 solo exhibitions, between 1990 and 2015, in Portugal: Amadora (Municipal Gallery, 1991, 1992), Estoril (Artes e Gostos Design, Casino Estoril Art Gallery, 1991), Lisbon (Leo Gallery, Diferença Gallery, Arte Periférica Gallery, Enes Gallery, Mitra Municipal Gallery, 1992-1998), Alcobaça (ADEPA – Alcobaça monastery, 1993), Portalegre (Municipal Library, FICAR Cultural Association, 2002-2015), Coimbra (TAGV, 2003), Porto (Espaço Maus Hábitos, 2005), Crato (Municipal Library, 2010), Óbidos (CDI Maria José Salavisa, 2011), Lagos (Cultural Center, 2010-2014); Spain: Madrid (ARCO 94, 95), Santiago de Compostela (Atlantic Contemporary Art Forum, 1995); France: Cannes (Art Jonction 94), Avignon (Livres Uniques d’Artistes Portugais – Le Tour d’Europe de La Poésie, 1996); Japan: Tokyo (Pilgrimage: Itinerancy of the Portuguese Contemporary Art, 1998); attended two artistic residencies at LAC – Laboratory of Creative Activities – Cultural Association, Lagos, Portugal, 2014.
Held 13 collaborations in the editorial area, 8 illustration projects (photography and painting), 4 articles on matters of Arts Education, Aesthetics and Philosophy of Photography, 1 text for an art exhibition catalog.


JORGE PEREIRA (Mozambique, 1974)
In 1998, completed a degree in sculpture at ARCA in Coimbra.
He has developed various scenic works for theatre and dance, and in 2003-07, collaborated with Amálgama Companhia de Dança on graphic design and video.
Has taken part in solo and group exhibitions in the areas of installation, painting, ceramics and photography, including: Marvão and San Vicente de Alcântara International Competition – 1st Prize (2004-05); AL NE – 100 images of doors in 10 locations in the North of Alentejo (2005); Porto Santo Biennial (2007); MALA – Lagos Artists’ Exhibition (2007, 09, 11); Maria Benta – Espólio de uma Fadista (2008); Allmnésia, installation with Tiago Cutileiro, as part of Allgarve (2008); re-identities (2009); ALLENTEJO (2010); Lagos pelo buraco da agulha (2010). And as part of LAC’s activities, in the group exhibitions LAC – Dia Aberto (2007-15), ARTUR – Artistas Unidos em Residência (2011-12) and ROOTS – em Residência (Maputo, Mozambique, 2013 and Cacau, S.Tomé and Príncipe, 2014).
He is the author of the illustrations for Malaquias, a children’s book by Cristina Taquelim (2007). He regularly carries out technical drawing work in archaeology.
He is a resident artist and member of the Board of LAC – Laboratório de Actividades Criativas, and has been in charge of the association’s graphic image since 2006.