© Rita Sá


Guest Artist: Joana Sá
18 > 22 NOV 2019
E.B. 1 de Bensafrim, Lagos

What would all our organs sound like, our cells simultaneously functioning? And what does the village, town or city we live in sound like? How do differences co-exist and resonate?
Who wakes up first? Who likes to walk slowly and who likes to run or jump?
Let’s try stopping and listening to each other, noticing our differences and making them resonate. Let’s create sound organisms with our different bodies, rhythms, sensitivities, tastes and realize how differences together can make multiple sound senses.

Joana Sá – Pianist, composer. Her work stands out for its transversality, multi-dimensionality and its drive towards exploring disruptive and poetic thresholds of the music bodies. These features are at the core of the trilogy of solos Listening / the open, a major work begun in 2009 in collaboration with visual artist/cinematographer/film director Daniel Costa Neves. The trilogy is composed by through this looking glass (2010/11); In Praise of Disorder (2013); Listening: the open (2016/) and is the subject of her actual PHD research at Aveiro University (grant from FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia). She has studied in Lisbon, Paris, Castelo Branco and Cologne, among others with Paulo Álvares and Caio Pagano and had an INOV-ART Grant (PT) in 2009.
She is ½ of Almost a Song (duo with Luís José Martins, guitar & electronics), 1/3 of Powertrio (with Luís J. Martins and Eduardo Raon, harp & electronics), 1/5 of Turbamulta (quintet with Martins, Raon, Luís André Ferreira, cello & Nuno Aroso, percussion) and ½ of recent duo with Greek singer Savina Yannatou. She plays in various prestigious venues and festivals around the world and released CDs/DVD for labels as Clean feed, Blinker, Shhpuma and Centa. She also recorded for Deutschland Funk, SWR2 (Südwestrundfunk 2) and Antena 2.