© Maria João Alcobia

WOODCUT Workshop

Guest Artist: Stefan Osnowski
4 > 8 APR 2016 – Júlio Dantas Highschool, Lagos

The woodcut is not only one of the oldest relief-print techniques, but also one of the most diverse.
Because of its limitations, this medium offers special aesthetic and artistic qualities. To learn the complexities of the woodcut, the participants develop step by step this striking technique with its particular challenges.

This manual experience from cutting the wood until printing by hand, offers creative freedom and joy of experimentation for each participant.
Techniques to develop: black-line and white-line printing; scratching; carving in accumulating points; elimination technique; prints with several plates…

STEFAN OSNOWSKI (1970, Germany)
Lives and works in Portugal and Hungary.
MA in Visual Arts from the Institute of Fine Arts “Caspar-David-Friedrich” of the University of Greifswald / Germany, in 2000. Degree in art and theatre pedagogy.
Extensive experience of teaching visual and artistic education with children, teenagers and adults in Germany, Hungary and Portugal.