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THINKING WORKSHOPS – With Little and Great Philosophers

Guest: Rita Pedro
17 > 21 OCT 2022
E.B. 1 Bairro Operário and E.B. 1 Santa Maria, Lagos

Set of meetings dedicated to thinking. Held in a workshop environment, they are research, experimentation and communication spaces that aim to open new paths for the connection between Childhood, Art, Philosophy and Pedagogy.
Focused on Childhood, these workshops propose, in a collaborative activity, to find problems where there are usually no questions, listen to everyone’s ideas and think creatively until satisfactory answers are found! A space for questioning and multiple interrogations, where all the children draw their thoughts, ask their questions, get closer in their differences and concentrate to discover new ways of thinking together.

The idea of Childhood should not be deduced from a lack. In fact, there is a tendency to see the child as an incomplete being. Alternatively, the child will be seen from what she already is, from what she has in herself, as an opening to the new and to what is different. Based on this, and making use of Philosophical and Artistic practices, the aim of the THINKING WORKSHOPS is to create spaces of experience where inhibiting habits of creative imagination may dissipate, being replaced by atmospheres favourable to the free expression of thought.
They also aim to provide children with a space for free expression, where they can give their opinions without fear of making mistakes, share ideas and question themselves. Through the exercise of citizenship, children are invited to strengthen their point of view through argumentation, to listen attentively to the ideas of others, to confront themselves peacefully with perspectives different from their own and to construct new ideas based on interaction with others.

Rita Pedro – MA in Philosophy from Universidade Nova, under the supervision of Professor José Gil, and also an associate researcher at the Research Laboratory of Practical and Applied Philosophy of the Aegean Faculty of Human Sciences. She is also a consultant and teacher trainer in the area of Philosophy with Children for the National Arts Plan- Academia PNA. In KAIROS, Centre for Psychology, Psychosomatics and Philosophy, she works on the creation of laboratory spaces for the co-creation of artistic workshops on Philosophy with Children. External collaborator in the UNESCO chair, “Philosophy Practices with Children: an educational basis for intercultural dialogue and social transformation”, namely in Cape Verde and Senegal.