© Daniel Matos

BEYOND OBLIVION – Audio Choreographical Workshop

Guest Artist: Daniel Matos
23 > 27 NOV / E.B.1 Chinicato
30 NOV > 7 DEC / E.B.1 Bairro Operário

Stalactites are trees, nothing holds on because music flees in the shape of shooting stars and we look up together, contemplate together.

In this workshop we will be working from the recording and voice and sound manipulation with the children, developing dialogues starting from real ideas into an imaginary place. We will experiment choreographic exercises with video and light projection, which will later be applied to the sound work developed, envisioning the creation of a livable sound space.
We also aim to generate a place of open discussion about ideas on dreams, wills and realities, always questioning ourselves and others in the discovery of shared paths as a group.

Drawing from the idea of recollecting and faraway dialogue, the proposal is the possibility to occupy non-inhabited places with forgotten ideas and thoughts, that were suspended and that open the possibility for conversations with other people’s thoughts, who also forgot their words and their body.

By idealizing the construction of non-natural sound gardens, in an initial research for the creation of an audiovisual installation/performance, the view of the workshop intends to gather strangers without a body in dialogues and sharing desires, fears and dreams, by means of recording practices and the manipulation of sound and light, applying choreographic practice beyond the body and palpable matter.

Voices and lights from afar. We win so much time in the process of dreaming, and we leave images lost from the other side of the invisible wall. How many of us share gardens at the same time, separated? How many of us run at the same time in different fields? What if the voices were recorded on the way, so we can come back?

Daniel Matos was born in Lagos. He studied Dance and Theatre Arts and in recent years has developed a body of work as a creator of choreographic objects, performance, multimedia and visual arts.
In parallel he is a dancer, a performer and artistic collaborator in pieces by Angélica Liddell, Ana Borralho & João Galante, Romeo CAstelluci, Amélia Bentes, amongst others.
He is the artistic director and resident artist at Cama.ac, a structure for artistic creation and touring he co-founded with Joana Flor Duarte in 2019.