© Nuno Lucas

ALL TOGETHER – Artistic Workshop #1

Guest Artist: Nuno Lucas
2 > 6 DEC 2019
E.B. 2.3 das Naus, Lagos

In this workshop we will mainly work on the idea of Choir. That idea of union where different voices later become one single voice. But it won’t just be a conventional choir group. This time we will also use other people’s voices as a basis, through sound recordings, such as that of a politician giving a speech, a woman talking to her dog, a friend explaining a cooking recipe to another, a youtuber speaking to his audience, among many others.
We will also discover languages that are not our mother tongue. We will learn to speak some new languages and reproduce them.
Since 2012 I have been working on this register as part of the French collective Encyclopedie de la Parole, which explores orality in all its forms, considering that “We are all specialists of the word.
We will all be in a learning position and, at the same time, we will praise the beauty and richness of orality in all its different forms of expression.

ALL TOGETHER is a long term work carried out during the school year of 2019-20 with a class of children from the 6th grade of Escola das Naus.
It includes the development of three artistic workshops and a final presentation to the community.

Nuno Lucas – He currently lives between Lisbon and Paris. Began to show ability to comedy at an early age. Studied at the music conservatory (guitar and voice). He made his debut as a performer with choreographer Miguel Pereira at the National Theater D. Maria II in 2001. In 2003 he was invited by João Fiadeiro to create his first choreographic sketches at LAB10. He graduated in Economics from Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 2004. He created the solo I Could Write a Song (2015). In collaboration he created with: Hermann Heisig Pongo Land (2008), What comes up, must go up (2009) and Schwerkraft leicht gemacht (2019); with Márcia Lança Trompe le Monde (2010) and Por esse Mundo Fora (2016); with Pieter Ampe, Gui Garrido & Hermann Heisig A coming community (2012). He worked with many artists emphasizing his experience as a performer with: Miguel Pereira, Joris Lacoste, Rita Natálio, Ivana Müller and Mala Voadora.
In his professional training he stands out the Choreographic Course of Creation and Research in Fórum Dança and ex.e.r.ce program in the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, under the direction of Mathilde Monnier and Xavier Le Roy, where he received a scholarship of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian. He regularly teaches composition/performance in several countries for adults as well as for children.
As of 2017, he is a supported artist at O Rumo do Fumo.