© Maria João Alcobia


Guest Artist: Sara Navarro
14 > 18 MAR 2016 – E.B. 2.3 das Naus, Lagos

How can sculpture fit in archaeological investigation in order to develop new ways of thinking and representing, of communicating and exhibiting?

In this laboratory, students will be able to know works that connect these two fields and discuss the role of the artist as an active participant in communication processes linked to scientific knowledge.

Born in Portugal in 1980, is a sculptor, researcher and professor. In 2014, she completed a Ph.D. in Sculpture at Fine Arts College of the University of Lisbon. While a doctoral student, she was a research grant holder at the Science and Technology Foundation.
Her main research focus is to work at the interface of art and archaeology. During her investigation for her doctorate, Sara discusses the possible role of contemporary sculpture in communicating archaeology subjects in archaeological museums, sites or landscapes.
Articulating an innovative dialogue between art and archaeology, Sara regularly shows and publishes her work in both individual exhibitions and international conferences.