© Gustavo Ciríaco


Guest Artist: GUSTAVO CIRÍACO with the participation of SARA VIEIRA MARQUES
15 > 18 OCT 2018
Escola Básica 1º Ciclo Bairro Operário, Lagos

Between Dogs and Wolves is a workshop for building landscapes between light and dark based on stories and descriptions of landscapes that no longer exist, kept only in the memories of very old people, and dream landscapes, drawn and imagined by very young children.
The workshop is inspired by the hours of dusk and low light to investigate conditions of visibility and ways of translating landscape experiences into the dark theatre room.
Various resources are used in the work with the children, from drawing exercises, building landscapes on paper, assembling dioramas, shadow play, dance, theatre and a certain kind of handmade cinema to create a rich repertoire of images, stories and landscapes.

Gustavo Ciríaco is an artist and choreographer, born in Rio de Janeiro and living in Lisbon. His work brings together elements of dance, landscaping, architecture and the visual arts, where the materiality of the context, its sensitive sharing and fiction dialogue in interaction with the presence of the public.
His work has been presented internationally in theatres, festivals, galleries, museums and contemporary art centres in Europe, South, Central and North America, Asia and the Middle East.
In Portugal his work has been shown at the Berardo Museum, Culturgest, Maria Matos Theatre, Alkantara Festival, TNDM II, Serralves Foundation Museum, Maus Hábitos, Walk & Talk Azores, Verão Azul, ZDB Gallery, Temps d’Images, among others.
He has been a resident artist at the Hemispheric Institute (New York), Les Récollets (Paris), BCS (Taipei), PAR (Montevideo), Al Mammal Foundation (Jerusalem), Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo) and Mercat de Flors (Barcelona).
He has given workshops and lectures in Saigon, New York, Taipei, Lyon, Fortaleza, São Paulo, Lisbon, Porto, Ponta Delgada, Rio, Paris, Santiago, Tokyo, Ramallah, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and Montevideo.