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6 > 10 Nov 2023
Escola Secundária Gil Eanes, Lagos

What do you learn when you open your eyes? Where does our attention wander in curiosity about the world? From what we see, what becomes knowledge, vertigo, mystery? From the eyes to the mouth, from the mouth to the word, from the word to the ear and back to the eyes again, the world processes itself and, through it, all of us as thinking, emotional and sensitive subjects. Immersed in the present, we drop anchor for the future.

Transdisciplinary artist Gustavo Ciríaco invites a group of young people into two laboratory spaces of choreographic research, where they will discover how to bring dance into conversation with the individual’s initial learning processes (kindergarten and literacy).
Two pedagogical reference strategies will guide this journey – on the one hand, the German theorist Friedrich Fröbel, inventor of the kindergarten and his use of play as a fundamental tool for learning; on the other, the renowned Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire, who advocates a critical pedagogy in which the learner is considered a co-creator of knowledge.

In order to poetically interconnect dance with these two pedagogical universes and examine the principles that shape and build knowledge, this laboratory seeks to research practical knowledge present in the participants’ daily lives – such as the acts of walking, carrying, cherishing, speaking – which reveal our everyday knowledge bases.

Gustavo Ciríaco (BR/PT) – Artist and choreographer born in Rio de Janeiro and living in Lisbon. His work brings together elements of dance, landscape design, architecture, anthropology and the visual arts. He has used movement, text, video and photography in conversational works where the encounter is king.
To paraphrase Gustavo, he likes, among other things, what each work brings out as a possibility for the world.