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Family Romance or The Augmented Reality

By: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Première: 11, 12 & 13 APR / Main Auditory, Culturgest - Fundação CGD (Lisbon, PT / 2019)

In Family Romance, Ana Borralho & João Galante invite us to reflect on the effects that recent technological devices have on their users.
Allowing a personalized and instantaneous manipulation, smartphones and laptops become the vehicles for perpetual communication fostered by selfies and messages, simultaneously launched to an infinitely close and distant cloud.

Up until the twentieth century the audiovisual devices of popular consumption were directed to the masses, but in the new millennium the spotlight is given to one’s individual idiosyncrasies, giving them back a sense of identity. The term “identity” is now synonymous with the conversion of the body into an endless avalanche of images, archived and disseminated by apps through the cloud.
The subjects are projected into media landscapes that simultaneously connect and isolate them until they are sent into a limbo where the whole notion of reality and social body implodes, finally reaching a state of pure abstractions.

Concept, Artistic and space directors: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Co-creation, Actors: Ana Freitas, Cláudio da Silva
Co-creation, Rehearsal Assistant and Performer: Alface (Cátia Leitão), Catarina Gonçalves
Co-creation, Technical Assistant and Performer: Tiago Gandra
Rehearsal Assistant and Performer: Daniel Matos
Performers: Group of Participants from the local community
Performer: Antonia Buresi
Dramaturgy, Artistic Collaboration: Fernando J. Ribeiro
Light Design: Eduardo Abdala
Original Soundtrack: João Galante aka Coolgate
Multimedia Developers: ArticaCC
Executive Manager and Administration: Mónica Samões
Production Manager, Tour: Andrea Sozzi
Executive production: Joana Duarte
Production: casaBranca
Co-production: Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos – Culturgest, Le phénix scène nationale pôle européen de création / Valenciennes, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens (within the framework of Campus Amiens-Valenciennes with the support of ‘Culture pour tous’ / French Ministry of Culture)
Support: Espaço Alkantara, Pólo Cultural Gaivotas, O Rumo do Fumo, Arisco – Instituição para a Promoção Social e da Saúde, Forall Phones

Family Romance or The Augmented Reality
Lisbon Premiere / Edited Version


11 > 13 APR 2019
Main Auditory, Culturgest – Fundação CGD
Lisbon, Portugal
With: Alexandre Crespo, Ana Freitas, André de Campos, Bárbara Bruno, Beatriz Garrucho, Catarina Gonçalves, Cátia (Alface) Leitão, Cláudio da Silva, Daniel Matos, Eva Fornelos, João Meirinhos, Luara Learth, Maria Lalande, Mariana Santos, Matilde Real, Ricardo Vaz Trindade e Tiago Gandra

17 JAN 2020
Festival Amiens Europe, Maison de la Culture
Amiens, France
With: Benjamin Vautrin, Catarina Gonçalves, Fabien Boisseau, Franck Delassus, Gwen Lefevre, Julie Babaami-De Sousa, Marc Gagu, Marine Waroux, Magdalena Witker, Myriam Guergous, Nicolas Moreno, Rivière Cassiau, Robert Laugier, Tiago Gandra

6 MAR 2020
Festival Cabaret de Curiosités
Théâtre de Chambre 232 U
d’Aulnoye-Aymeries, France
With: Ana Freitas, Athiane Tiesse, Camille Dupuis, Clémence Danne, Canaelle Berthet, Cátia (Alface) Leitão, Christelle Stoops, Christophe Houvin, Daniel Matos, Irina Barthes, Jacky Auvray, Manon Pilaprat, Maïna N’Daw, Marie Blanc, Marine Franzil