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Time to Reflect

By: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Sala Estúdio Teatro Nacional D. Maria II
(Lisbon, PT, 2021) M14 / 60' aprox

In Time to Reflect, Ana Borralho & João Galante question the idea of the public as a reflection entity, following their developed logic of working with specific groups within society. In this performance, the public is seen as an engine of thought and image. A journey that will intersect with the poetry of José Miguel Silva, which reflects in a crude, but poetic and sarcastic way, the signs of the time that we are living.

Time to Reflect is a play on the afterlife.
A mechanism of reflection and meditation on living death, on dying and coming back to life. Time and time again. About surviving death.
To look at us from the outside. Like an out-of-body experience.
Lives dissolved in mirror balls in the era of surveillance capitalism.
The autobiographical even more beautiful and sad.

The premiere features the participation, in its cast, a group of TNDMII’s resident actors and 10 finalist students of the Lisbon Theater and Film School.

Concept, artistic direction,costumes and space: Ana Borralho & João Galante
Actors / debut performers Beatriz Costa,Cláudio de Castro, Daniel Tormo, Daniela Santos, Ema Marli, Inês Azevedo, Inês Coias, Inês Marques, João Grosso, Leandro Araújo, Maria Roque, Nadezhda Bocharova, Rafaela de Lima
Sound: Demetrio Castellucci and João Galante aka Coolgate
Piano (Rêverie – Debussy): Ásia Rosa
Light design: Eduardo Abdala
Text: José Miguel Silva
Artistic collaboration: Fernando J. Ribeiro
Dramaturgy collaboration: Rui Catalão
Scenic design and construction: Pedro Campos Costa
Sound design: Pedro Augusto
Artistic and rehearsal assistance: Cátia (Alface) Leitão
Artistic, rehearsal and production assistance: Daniel Mato

Executive management and administration: Mónica Samões
Production direction and touring: Andrea Sozzi
Executive production: Joana Duarte
Production trainee: Beatriz Lopes Nascimento

Production: casaBranca
Co-Production: TNDM II
Support: Impersol – Películas para Vidros e Revestimentos Adesivos, Teatro Meridional
Thanks: Catarina Gonçalves, David Shrigley, Mark Deputter, Nuno Moura / Douda Correria, Filipa Borges, Tatiana Antunes, Manuel Abrantes e Tiago Gandra

casaBranca is a structure financed by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / DGArtes