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ISAsoundbox – Sound Composition Workshop

Guest Artist: Simão Costa
18 > 21 Jan 2022
E.B. 1 de Chinicato, Lagos

Inspired by contemporary musical creation, with the help of modern and less modern technologies, we paint with sounds, filling the timeline until it becomes music. We wake up the composers and improvisers that all children have within themselves, lurking. And listening!!

Using several technological devices, such as speakers, sub-woofers, touch screens, motion or touch sensors, organized through specific computer programming, ISAsoundbox participates in a challenge of technological reinvention.
Against the obsolescence of contemporary high technology, discontinued tablets and video game control consoles, among other devices, are reprogrammed and reconfigured in order to expand the huge potential that the relation between this kind of objects allows us to achieve.

A project by Simão Costa and João Calixto
Workshop by Simão Costa

Simão Costa – Pianist and composer graduated from Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa and Codarts Rotterdam – University of the Arts.
Curious by nature and self-taught by conviction, this multifaceted artist embraces musical composition, digital and interactive arts, visual arts, instrument and software construction, in the search for the necessary tools for his multidisciplinary path, fostered by relationships with other disciplinary areas of artistic nature or in dialogue with science and new technologies. Disciplines such as neurosciences, perception and psycho-perception, musical acoustics or studies on synesthesia are recurrent in his work and artistic investigation.
He develops creative projects, signing solo or in co-creation with other artists, namely Dança de Materiais Inertes (in collaboration with Marta Cerqueira), YPSC.Tranduction, (in collaboration with Yola Pinto), SAS Orkestra de Rádios (in collaboration with Ana Trincão and Sónia Moreira) and ISAsoundbox (in collaboration with João Calixto).
Also creating in the fields of visual arts, he has participated in individual and collective exhibitions since 2007. His work has been presented in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Poland, Holland, United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Estonia, Romania, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay.