© slinkachu
© slinkachu


22 > 26 JAN 2024 / E. B. 1 Bairro Operário, Lagos

When I think of urban art, I usually think of giant things, graffiti that take up an entire building, from the ground up, clawing at the sky. However not long ago I came across the works of an artist who reversed this idea of mine. Stuart Pantoll, better known as Slinkachu, is an urban artist who creates tiny installations in large cities.

Using scaled-down dolls, miniature objects and other assorted objects such as bottle corks, shoelaces or orange peels, Slinkachu creates mini installations. His works are almost impossible to find, they are almost invisible, only a very attentive observer can find in the middle of a city, a miniature melted ice cream with two people bathing or a miniature skateboarding on an orange peel.

The work of this artist makes me think about the size of things, the relationship between the size of something and its importance, the time we need to see the details of something, our size in relation to that of the universe and the frenzy of life in the city.

How would you like the city where you live to be? Where do you play in the city? If you had to design a city what would it be like? Where in the world would you like to live? How do you imagine a perfect day? How do you imagine the future? Do you notice your surroundings? What did you see on the way home from school?

The workshops will be loaded with installations inspired by Slinkachu’s work, humour, miniatures, plasticine, imagination and questions. Imagining a work of art, imagining something, creating something that doesn’t exist or imagining the future are all part of abstract thinking. Because after all, imagining the future is something we cannot touch, it is imagining something that does not yet exist.

Beatriz Marques Dias has developed her work as a performer and co-creator of artistic creations linked to contemporary dance, participatory art and childhood. As a performer she has participated in creations by Filipa Francisco, Francisco Camacho, Madalena Victorino and Tânia Carvalho. She dedicates herself to contemporary dance, but likes art in general, likes to discover new artists and to decipher what makes each one unique. She also likes meeting people who are not artists. Beatriz is currently on her first year of a Psychology degree at ISPA, Lisbon.