© Estelle Valente

CLÁUDIA GAIOLAS – Anti-princesses: Carolina Beatriz Ângelo

30 NOV, Centro Escolar da Luz, Lagos

The news that a woman had voted in Portugal spread around the world: “A woman voted for the first time in Portugal”, “Une belle dame est la première à voter au Portugal!”, “Una mujer votó, por primera vez, en Portugal”.
A doctor and feminist, Carolina Beatriz Ângelo was the first woman to vote in Portugal in 1911. The law stated that only citizens over 21 who could read and were the paterfamilias could vote. The fact that she was a widow and had to provide for her daughter enabled her to claim in court the right to be considered the “paterfamilias”.

Directed and performed by Cláudia Gaiolas
Assistant director Keli Freitas
Dramaturgy Alex Cassal
Set design Carla Martinez
Costumes Ainhoa Vidal
Lighting design Daniel Worm
Sound design Teresa Gentil
Executive producer Armando Valente
Commissioned by São Luiz Teatro Municipal, EGEAC – Programação em Espaço Público
Co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto, Teatro meia volta e depois à esquerda quando eu disser

Cláudia Gaiolas is a creator and performer with a degree from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School. She is associated artist at teatro meia volta e depois à esquerda quando eu disser. She was one of the co-founders of Teatro Praga and has worked with several collectives and artists for more than 20 years.
She staged the plays A partir de amanhã [Starting Tomorrow] (Teatro Maria Matos) and A Mulher que Parou [The Woman Who Stopped] with Pedro Carraca (Alkantara) with texts by Tiago Rodrigues. She also staged Os Terroristas [The Terrorists], Solo Doméstico and Não sou só eu aqui [It’s Not Just Me Here] (the latter with Rita Rio) for the Materiais Diversos Festival. She co-created TryRomance (Tryangle, Marseille), O Grande Livro dos Pequenos Detalhes [The Great Book of Tiny Details] (Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro) and As Três Sozinhas with Anabela Almeida and Sílvia Filipe (Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II).