© Rita Rodrigues

THE BODY ALSO SPEAKS – Theatre Workshop

Guest Artist: Rita Rodrigues
14 > 18 NOV - E.B. 1 Chinicato, Lagos
21 > 25 NOV - Centro Escolar da Luz, Lagos

In this workshop we are going to study faces and build a different face for each one of us. And we will put this new face to work with our body. How do we walk? How do we sit? And how do we dance, how do we use our body to be someone else’s body? We will jump from the plastic construction of a “mask” to the scenic experimentation of a body that seeks to be the body of someone else.

Rita Rodrigues was born in 1977 in Lisbon. She started taking theatre classes with António Feio. She graduated in “gesture theatre” at the school “Estudis de Teatre” in Barcelona. In Faculdade de Letras she did a post-graduation in Theatre Studies. She has done several trainings in the area of theatre and dance, highlighting the course “Dance in the Community” in Forum Dance.
Since 1998 she works as an actress/performer, having collaborated with several directors/creators such as Luís Castro, João Ricardo, Claudio Hochman, Carlos António, Jorge Fraga, Sofia Cabrita, Ana Sofia Paiva, Sílvia Real, Martin Joab, Giacomo Scalisi, Madalena Vitorino, among others.
She created the performances Missão Lupa, Bicho da Malha, Caracol and Em Busca de um Neto and co-created and performed Sótão, S.A. and Catadupa. She gives theatre training to children, young people and adults and directs, since 2013, the Comunitary Senior Theatre Group of Portimão (O Grupo).