Guest Artist: MÁRCIA LANÇA
15 > 19 JAN 2024
11 > 15 MAR 2024
E.B. 2.3 Naus, Lagos

In 2023 Márcia Lança worked with a 5th grade class from Escola das Naus, in a creative laboratory that was divided into three distinct parts – three weeks along the school year.
From these sessions, through many heads and many hands, The Book of the Union of Dimensions emerged. From the writing to the cover, from the drawings to the trunk where the book is kept, all things were thought out and made in collaboration based on dialogue, listening and the time needed for collective decisions to be made.

In 2024 Márcia Lança returns to the same class (6 graders now) to turn this book into a show!
Together we will experiment the various steps that make up a show. Some will be actors, others directors, others dancers, set, light, costume, sound designers, make-up artists… and each one will have the opportunity to take the place where they feel best, in this collective and collaborative adventure.
The end of this workshop will bring to light the history of this well-kept treasure in the school’s library.

Performer and choreographer with a degree in Anthropology. In 2008, Márcia founded VAGAR – Cultural Association, being responsible for the artistic direction.
As a creator, she highlights, the works: Dentro do Coração (2019), NOME (2017) with Carolina Campos, Por esse Mundo Fora (2016) with Nuno Lucas, Happiness and Misery (2014), 9 Possible Portraits (2014) with Ana Rita Teodoro, The Ignorant Desire (2011), Trompe le Monde (2011) with Nuno Lucas, Morning Sun (2009) with João Calixto.
Received the 1st prize of the Young Artists Program with the solo Dos Joelhos para Baixo. Has collaborated with artists such as João Fiadeiro, Cláudia Dias, Nuno Lucas, Carolina Campos, Aniol Busquets, Tiago Hespanha, Joana Pupo, Olga Mesa, Marta Dell’Angelo, Jørgen Knudsen, Alex Cassal, Thomas Forneau, among others.