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Guest Artist: Sílvia Real
With the participation of: Simone Andrade
4 > 8 JUN 2018
Escola Básica 1º Ciclo de Sta Maria, Lagos

Dance-Theater Workshop
Drawing on her regular and long-term experience of working with children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 14 over the last eight years, Sílvia Real proposes the theme What do you want to be when you grow up? as a starting point for exploring one of the focuses she considers essential in her work: improvisation, as a research method for building a show.
This workshop will have a practical component, where games related to the proposed theme will be explored, always stimulating the idea of co-creation, an indispensable process in his artistic process. Through movement, dance and text, the aim will be to provide possible tools for use in the classroom, working on the children’s concentration, confidence and imagination.

Political Thought for Children
How do we read the world? How do we understand it? What are human rights? Does this interest me? Why do I care? How can we rethink the world through them? Can human rights help us in this (re)reading?
In a world that is increasingly polarised, unequal, technologically accelerated and with a humanity (still) under construction, we need time and space to reflect.
This workshop aims to be a moment of valorisation of human rights as a tool to promote critical thinking in children. A space and a moment to stop and think about the “I” and the “we”; identity and coexistence on a shared planet.