© João Dias

READY, SET, GO! – Animation Workshop

Guest Artist: JOÃO DIAS
21 > 25 March + 9 > 13 May 2022
E.B. 2.3. das Naus, Lagos

Girls and boys, we’re all set for the most devilish race in history! The grandstands are full of enthusiasts, the cars are lined up on the starting line, the teams are confident of victory, the track is clear. The countdown is heard: ready, set, go!

Through the collective production of a short-animated film, we intend to conduct an initiation experience to the techniques of animation in Stop-Motion, the principles of continuity, planning and cinematographic editing, as well as the sound processes of moving images.

João Dias (1976, Faro) studied photography. Worked with the film director Edgar Pêra as his assistant from 1998 to 2009 and with the film director Pedro Costa as film editor in his last films and projects.
Director of the films Operações SAAL (2007), a documentary about the SAAL housing program that emerged between 1974 and 1975 in Portugal (Midas Prize winner, Festival DocLisboa), and O Verão (2010), short fiction film (AIP Award best Cinematography – Indie Lisboa).