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THE DISCOVERY OF CINEMA – Film sessions for the little ones

Guest Artist: Nathalie Mansoux / Royal_Cine
27 JAN + 31 MAR + 12 MAY
Estrela Desportiva de Bensafrim, Lagos

In 2022 we begin, a new (mini) film cycle at Bensafrim Primary School (Lagos), now dedicated to the little ones, opening a way to their discovery of the wonderful world of cinema.
In these sessions, accompanied by conversations about the cinematographic material (framing, light, spaces, characters, etc.) we follow the chronological line of Cinema, as a means of learning to look at and think about the world, in a journey towards the development of future critical and participatory spectators.

Nathalie Mansoux is an author / film director. She studied Social Anthropology at Paris X-Nanterre University of at ISCTE, in Lisbon, where she works since 2001.
Through anthropology and cinematography, her personal work explores human experience, with its struggles and uncertainties, in the transitional space in which the filmed territories are transformed into other places, with different values, real and symbolic.
Her films have been presented at international film festivals such as Cinéma du Réel, FidMarseille, IndieLisboa (Via de Acesso – best Portuguese film award).
She also teaches in workshops on writing, filmmaking and cinema awareness, and often collaborates with several production companies and with Cinemateca Portuguesa as a translator.

Royal_Cine is a social intervention project based on cinema, its goal being the creation of alternative and complementary practices and experiences to the curricula and cultural offer within educational communities. It works cinema as an artistic language, a tool for awareness-raising, creative inclusion and a resource for socio-cultural reflection on different realities. It seeks to act in contexts of structural inequality in order to widen the possibilities of children / youths in the use, consumption and critical appropriation of the audiovisual forms of expression and communication.